Scandinavian design stands amongst the most desired and sought-after decorating styles in the world. Its philosophy assumes that utilitarian objects should be practical and beautiful in their simplicity, as well as closely connected to nature. This mesmerizing Swedish design flat-weave rug is the embodiment of the greatest features of the northern craft. It comprises an allover, orderly pattern with a distinct floral theme which is a clear reference to the flowering meadows of Scandinavia. The bow-like shape of the flower-heads adds a heartwarming vibe to the geometric composition kept in a cool and toned color palette, including teal blue, indigo, rusty brown and taupe and sandy beige. The flat-woven rug was masterfully hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled Tibetan artisan. Due to such thorough making, the flat weave not only matches the quality of its vintage predecessors but even exceeds it. It will surely serve its owners for generations without any signs of blemish. This Swedish design flat-weave rug is a class of its own and will easily match a wide variety of contemporary interior arrangements. 

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Swedish Design Flat-Weave Rug
Item No. N11637

Price: $ 34,000
Size: 23'0" × 12'5" (701 × 378 cm)
Color palette:
Swedish Design Flat-Weave Rug N11637