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Swedish Flat Weave Rug N11643 10'0" × 10'0"

True beauty lies in simplicity and that’s something the Scandinavians knew long ago while creating the foundations of their unique and minimalistic design. This quadratic modern Swedish flat-woven rug is fair and square the embodiment of the greatest ideals of the Scandinavian style. Its main field exhibits a simplistic geometric pattern heavily relating to nature. The angular, whimsical motifs bring to mind two species of trees, one of them bearing fruit, growing on rolling hillsides. This almost naïve art is executed in a perfectly balanced, autumnal color palette of chestnut brown, dark slate gray, carmine, sandy beige and dusty yellow against the ivory background. Although presently made, the modern Swedish flat weave rug was masterfully hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Due to such thorough making, its body is though and durable, ready to serve its owners for many years without any signs of wear. This heartwarming Swedish flat-woven rug will be perfect for a wide variety of interior décors, from classic to contemporary.

Item No.: N11643 Size: 10'0" × 10'0" (304 × 304 cm)
Swedish Flat Weave Rug N11643

Swedish Flat Weave Rug N11643