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Solrosen Swedish Rya Rug
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Solrosen Swedish Rya Rug N11666 5'8" × 7'7" $5,300

When created by a genius, some utilitarian objects exhibits timeless qualities, and this Swedish-inspired rya modeled on the iconic “Solrosen” modern rug by Marianne Richter is the sheer confirmation that some designs never go out of fashion. The modern floor covering is divided into two parts, each bearing the famous sunflower design, hence the name “Solrosen”, with the bold flower-head located in the center and its petals gradually spreading out to the edges.

The pattern is complemented by a warm and invigorating color palette of rose, hibiscus, burgundy and orange, paired with mauve, against the ivory background. Although simplistic and bordering on naïve art, the design is actually extremely sophisticated and adjusted to contemporary decorating standards. It has a chance to bring some light and joy to any interior arrangement, from classic to modern.

However, the aesthetic side is not the only strength of this fine Swedish rug. Its firm body and the shaggy pile were meticulously hand-knotted of first-rate wool, thanks to which, if properly cared for, will serve its owners for generations. Lovely and chic, the carpet based on Marianne Richter’s genius design is the answer for those who seek effortless elegance in a timeless dimension.

Mid-century Swedish inspired rug made in India.


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Price: $5,300

Item No.: N11666 Size: 5'8" × 7'7" (172 × 231 cm)
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