Rainbow Rya Rug I

Rainbow Rya Rug I Description:

This lovely contemporary rug is modeled on iconic Ryas – Scandinavian shaggy carpets, that have served the northerners in many practical ways and adorned their households since the Middle Ages. The medium-size Swedish-inspired rug is the quintessence of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Its design featuring an allover geometric pattern, enhanced by several well-composed, saturated colors, enchants with simplicity and warm appeal. The spots of burgundy, moss, emerald and navy blue are framed by dusty pink motifs, and exposed against the camel background with yellow undertones. Next to beautiful appearance, the rug is distinguished by impeccable execution. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques by a skilled artisan, this Rainbow Rya Rug is qualitative and durable, ready to serve its owners for generations with its shaggy pile and heartwarming design. If properly maintained, the carpet will show no signs of wear or damage even after years of usage. The Rya-inspired rug will be a perfect addition to a wide variety of interior décors, from classic to modern. 

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