Swedish Half Pile Rug
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Swedish Half Pile Rug N11337

Price: $32,000

The Swedes are notable for their weaving masterpieces which are both of exceptional design and quality. The one before your eyes carries the greatest values of the northern craftsmanship. This hand knotted beauty amazes with the intriguing texture of the half pile, which additionally distinguishes the pattern from the background. Maintained in a delicate pastel color palette of toned blueberry and white, the modern area rug emanates with serenity and good energy. One-directional layout represents a portal filled with and surrounded by a fret pattern. Main borders are framed by an uninterrupted sequence of tiny, empty inside rectangles. Anyone desiring something exceptional in their living space should pay special attention to this sublime Swedish rug.

A rug has always been an integral part of it. Deeply inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of mountains, seashores and idyllic countryside, Swedish rugs’ expression lies in simple, geometric forms – a symbolic representation of nature. Toned, pastel color palette is dominated by shades of dusty blue, pink and brown. It has not changed over the years, if anything, it improved. Nowadays, next to historical motifs, one may find fresh and contemporary influences, which do not disturb the original harmony and artistry in the slightest.

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Item No.: N11337 Size: 13'0" × 22'0" (396 × 670 cm)
Style: Geometric, Scandinavian