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European Inspired Tibetan Rug
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European Inspired Tibetan Rug N11546 7'0" × 8'10" $7,200

This modern rug is conjured up out of truly first-rate components. Its design largely bases on the Eastern-European folk art which is taken to a whole new level and adjusted to cater the needs of contemporary consumers. The deep brown background is extremely characteristic to Romanian or Ukrainian decorative tradition, where colorful pattern stands out from a dark, sometimes even pitch black field. Here, dense, intricate floral and foliage motifs are rendered in a toned beige shade, that together with chocolate setting results in the elegant and balanced composition.

Maple leaves that are visible in the tangled pattern in eastern folklore stand for wisdom, connection and unity. Besides the glamorous appearance, the traditional area rug is distinguished by masterful execution. Its pile was thoroughly hand-crafted of the finest wool and silk in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled weaver. It ensures not only the uniqueness but, most importantly, the upmost quality of this excellent carpet. Due to such meticulous making, the piece has a chance to serve its owners for many generations without any signs of wear or damage. This European-inspired wonder is so versatile in its timeless elegance that it will perfectly complement both classic and modern abodes.


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Price: $7,200

Item No.: N11546 Size: 7'0" × 8'10" (213 × 269 cm)
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