Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug
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Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug N11267

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Although made in the 21st century, this traditional oriental inspired rug represents all the best features of the weaving craft from the past. What draws attention are little color variations appearing on the entire field of the carpet – it is called ‘abrash’ effect and occurs due to the use of different natural dyes. To some it may seem like a flaw, but in reality it is exactly what true carpet aficionados look for – it is a marker of quality. This oriental-inspired rug is impressive in terms of size but in terms of color it emphasizes simplicity – the hand knotted wool pile is maintained in hues of dusty beige and brown. The pattern, however quite intricate, is not overwhelming in the slightest – the foliage and flowery motifs adorn both the main field and borders. The whole composition is extremely balanced and exudes palatial elegance.

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Item No.: N11267 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)
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Location: NEWEL