Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug

Traditional Oriental Inspired Rug N11266

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This remarkable modern stair carpet has been recently hand made, however it comprises all the best features of the weaving craft from the past. What makes it exceptional is a very visible abrash effect – the natural and variable change in color that occurs in Oriental carpets when different dyes are used. An interesting fact is that in many traditional beliefs from the Middle East only God can be perfect so the makers of everyday objects, as well as artists, very often intentionally introduce little imperfections into their creations. Abrash effect may be considered a flaw, but in fact it makes a carpet even more desired and valuable – it is a marker of natural quality.

This beautiful piece, hand knotted of the finest wool, is impressive in terms of size but moderate in terms of color. There are just two hues – light beige and sandy. The pattern is dense yet not overwhelming – the frequently repeated cross motif in the Orient symbolizes protection against the Evil Eye. This oriental-inspired traditional rug constitutes a balanced and tasteful composition and is a perfect choice for anyone who desires a middle-eastern breeze in the house.

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Item No.: N11266 Size: 9'0" × 12'0" (274 × 365 cm)
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