Maple design Rug

Maple design Rug N10977 10'0" × 14'0" $13,000

Contemporary rugs are famed for their diversity when it comes to style, but the same thing can be said about their patterns. If you look hard enough chances are that you should be able to find a rug adorned with any design you want – floral, Art Deco or geometric. The only thing that limits you is imagination! Each year designers and weavers come up with new ways of astonishing us with their wonderful patterns and color palettes, making contemporary rugs even more diverse than they already are.

This beautiful contemporary rug is a dream come true of any rug aficionado or art lover. Woven with a great care and dedication, this floral carpet dazzles with elegance of its pattern. Main field is covered by an all over design depicting curved branches of a maple tree. Shapely leaves growing on them mix with delicate blooms, creating a very aesthetically pleasing composition, which was undoubtedly inspired by Asian art. The whole is framed by a thin border, devoid of any decorations. Color palette accompanying it consists of very discreet shades of pastel yellow, green and blue, mixed with bit stronger oranges and browns. Rug’s size, 10’0″ × 14’0″ (305 × 427 cm), makes it a great choice for more spacious types of interiors.

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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N10977 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)