This European-inspired runner encompasses the venerable weaving traditions and folkloristic charm of Bessarabian rug craftsmanship. Its design builds upon the distinctive Eastern-European color palette of toned and nature-related shades, including forest green, dusty yellow, pale brown, rusty and ivory. The main field of this enchanting runner is embellished with an allover pattern of circular emblems with flower and foliage motifs within, and finished with a single yet quite thick stipe of pale brown hue running along the edges. Its flat-woven body was expertly hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques, due to which the European-inspired runner will be able to serve its owners for years without the slightest signs of wear. Thanks to visible Bessarabian influences, the rug exudes a heartwarming vibe and will be perfect for all boho, farmhouse or Scandinavian interior arrangements. As every runner, this one will be most applicable for long corridors, ample rooms or staircases. Its rustic beauty is undoubtedly going to steal the hearts of family and guests alike. 

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European Inspired Bassarabian Runner
Item No. N11631

Price: $ 9,000
Size: 25'6" × 3'10" (777 × 117 cm)
Color palette:
European Inspired Bassarabian Runner N11631