Although spick and span new, this magnificent rug comprises all the greatest features of the long and profound art of carpet making. Here we observe an extraordinary merger between the East and the West - the rug combines the Bessarabian craft and artistic thought with the ancient Oriental tradition of weaving. The field reveals a subtle and detailed design of two flowery medallions, deeply embedded in Bessarabian aesthetics, enclosed into an intricate and opulent cartouche, typical of French Aubusson and Savonnerie masterpieces. However rich and palatial, the rug does not cross the thin line of good taste and moderation. On the contrary, the whole composition is perfectly balanced due to the properly matched color palette. Starting from the background, we have a very delicate shade of beige, almost off-white, which proudly exposes both the camel cartouche borders and the saturated colors of the flowers. Deep and light indigo as well as brick and coral red look truly jewel-like when contrasted with the muted cream hue. As for the quality, the rug has been executed by hand of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques. It ensures its longevity and ever-lasting value. Such a wonder of the weaving art as this European inspired Bessarabian rug will be a gem of every home as it is genuinely a work of fine art. 

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