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Jute Braided Rug N11335 8'8" × 14'10"

Nowadays more and more people are getting environmentally conscious. For those who want to decorate their apartment in the earth-friendly way, jute rugs, just like this one, are a perfect choice. Biodegradable and practical, jute remains one of the most important natural materials, thanks to its great versatility. Thanks to the durability of the fiber, this carpet will serve you faithfully for the years to come. Hand-braided with great care, the carpet has a soft brown color, owed to the natural colorant present in the fiber. Because of its simple design and interesting texture, this rug will fit in numerous styles, from minimalism to boho.

Item No.: N11335 Size: 8'8" × 14'10" (264 × 452 cm)
Jute Braided Rug N11335

Jute Braided Rug N11335