Jaipour - A Traditional Rug N11011 by DLB
Jaipour – A Traditional Rug
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Jaipour – A Traditional Rug N11011 12'1" × 16'0" $19,000

New, modern and custom rugs by DLB are made in accordance with centuries-old ways of rugs making which are put in the context of present-day decorating standards. This traditional-inspired rug comes from Jaipur, a renowned Indian weaving center near Agra. Although presently made it comprises all the greatest features of the ancient craft.

The truly imposing floor covering is impeccable in terms of workmanship. It was carefully knotted by hand of the finest wool by an apt artisan who ensured its dependable and durable structure as well as the dense, qualitative pile. If maintained properly but not excessively, this modern rug will have a chance to serve its owners for generations, bringing in its recherché charm.

In terms of design, the carpet draws richly from various oriental traditions. Its main field is covered in a geometric lattice enhanced by gentle floral and diamond motifs kept in Indian aesthetics deriving from dhurries. On the other hand, the borders bear Göz and Çengel symbolizing protective eyes and hooks that can be found not only in the Middle East but also in North-Western part of Africa. This exotic appearance is enriched thanks to the contrasting yet balanced color palette of serene blue supported by dirty and golden beige, fuchsia and rust. If given a chance, this Jaipur rug can become a jazzy accent in a wide array of interior décors.


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Price: $19,000

Item No.: N11011 Size: 12'1" × 16'0" (368 × 487 cm)
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