Modern Hemp Rug

Price: $9,000

Durable, elegant and ecological, hemp carpets are everything one could look for. While they might not be suitable for some, due to their origin and coarseness, others will appreciate their high quality and affordable price. Thanks to its structure, hemp is more durable than cotton, silk or other organic fibers – a great choice for high-traffic areas, such as corridors. One of the reasons why contemporary carpets made of hemp are gaining interest of the public, is their positive impact on the environment. Moreover, plant-based rugs can be easily woven by hand, thus excluding the use of  heavy machinery and fuels.

This stunning contemporary carpet could be best defined by phrase “Tradition Today”. Despite its rather modern design, it was made using traditional techniques, ensuring both its quality and durability. The allover pattern displayed on the pile depicts a series of diamonds with small squares in the middle. Such a classic design will surely look great in any type of interior. Color palette accompanying it, while modest, is filled with hues that usually mix well with others. Earthy shades of brown and beige were spiced up with just a tint of gray, which helps to keep the whole composition sharp.

At Doris Leslie Blau, superior design and old traditions go hand in hand with superb standards of service and modern approach. Our grand collection of high quality antique rugs and contemporary carpets is a sight to behold! Each of our authentic antique rugs is bound to charm you and your family!

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Item No.: N11046 Size: 8'8" × 11'7" (264 × 353 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric