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Antique English Needlework BB5163

Price: $120,000

This English needlework carpet has a regally striking all over centralized medallion design pattern of gracefully intertwining and curvilinear arabesque floral motifs. The open field design is symmetrically mirrored. This mirror design can be viewed horizontally or length-wise. The color of the field backdrop is an overcast grey tone. The spiraling, twisting and interconnected florid design patterns are colored shades of seasonal orange, brown and verdant green. It has a thin guard border that is colored a light earth tone orange. There is a thin, grey main border. This thin, grey main border has a thin, white line streak within its confines. This European carpet projects a regal and stately color scheme warmth. This specimen is of the types of carpets and antique oriental rugs that appeal to those with contemporary art tastes.

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Item No.: BB5163 Circa: 1880 Size: 13'8" × 21'10" (416 × 665 cm)
Color: Beige Style: Bold, Botanic Origin: English Rugs, European Rugs