What to know before buying customized rugs

There are many kinds of customized carpets, despite what some may think. This is why it is so vital to know, what is it that you are looking for. Many web pages that offer handmade goods also offer carpets made on demand, by your customized idea. Thanks to the recent trends, DIY communities across the world thrive, producing high-quality goods. It is not unusual for an artist to have their own loom on which their weave. Although the vision of custom rug made by a professional artist or a company is very enticing, your final decision should be well thought-out.

Choosing a perfect pattern should be the first thing to do. With custom carpets, the best and hardest thing is creating your own design. Inspirations can be found anywhere – on the Internet or outside your window. Instead of just copying something that you once saw, try to be a little more creative and add your personal touch. It doesn’t have to be anything big! Small, but meaningful details often work best in such situations. After figuring out what kind of pattern do you want, it’s time to decide how it should be made. You have two options – print and weaving, depending on the final effect that you want.

If material of which your rug will be made is important to you, do some research about particular artist or a company of your choosing. For instance, here at Doris Leslie Blau we offer inter alia silk, wool and cotton rugs in various types of piles – from high to flat weave. You are sure to find something suiting your tastes. Some places specialize in only one type of material or weave, so keep that in mind when ordering a custom rug. What’s more, the cheapest options often include solely synthetic fibers with no option to choose.