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If you are seeking something modern and nature-inspired, this Bionica sample will be the perfect foundation of your bespoke rug. Its minimalistic, ingenious design replicates patterns that can be found on our remarkable planet and encloses them in the intertwining warp and weft, just as Bionics tries to apply the systems and biological methods found on Earth to study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. Here, the neutral beige background constitutes a setting for bold, consecutive, slightly curved but strangely familiar owl brown lines which may represent a whole range of nature-based features. Dead animal’s ribs found on the savanna, Zebra’s stripes or maybe human fingerprints? There are no bad answers in this guessing game. However, one obvious thing which evades interpretation is the vibrant, warm vibe exuded by this wild and tasteful composition. Looking at Bionica sample, you can almost feel the beating heart of our planet. Thanks to the proper application of colors and harmonized design, the sample will fit into state-of-the-art, classic or boho interiors alike. If you decide on Bionica for you custom rug, you may rest reassured that it will be masterly hand-made of the finest, glossy wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques in order to ensure the carpet’s durability and uniqueness. Such qualitative piece of contemporary art has a chance to please your eyes and hands for many years, constantly providing the positive energy flowing straight from wonders of nature.


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