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Blue Steam S12887

Blue Steam (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12887

Delicate, sublime, modern - these three words precisely describe this remarkable Blue Steam sample which can become the foundation of your perfect bespoke rug. Its abstract design is reminiscent of water vapor, picturesquely settled on the window glass and allowing only some of the vague images from the outside world to penetrate its dense yet fleeting veil. In some parts of the field the steam condenses into droplets and trickles down revealing a tiny bit more of whatever lies beneath it. This ethereal pattern required the upmost artistic sensitivity and considerable skills to be so masterly rendered in wool. Indeed, the pile of Blue Steam sample was thoroughly hand-executed on looms of the finest materials in accordance with old and refine weaving techniques. If you decide on it for your dream custom rug, the entire arduous process will be repeated with concern for the smallest details. Every shade of tastefully balanced color palette, including light pastel blue, amber, taupe and dusty beige, will be replicated with the greatest care to preserve the gentle beauty of this contemporary composition. Do not forget that you can fully adjust the size and shape of any bespoke carpet entirely to your needs and liking. A Blue Steam-based rug will match a wide range of interior decors and will bring each a remarkable vibe of tranquility and chic.