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Moonlight River S12874

Moonlight River (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12874

This Moonlight River sample is definitely going to steal your heart away. Its soft and luminous field is reminiscent of moon reflections on the surface of peacefully flowing night river. Different shades of blue, mixing with black, pastel and pale emerald, are so cleverly applied that is gives the impression of movement as well as depth. This mesmerizing effect is further highlighted by the slightly striated texture, rendered in glossy wool. If you decide on Moonlight River sample for your custom rug, you may rest reassured that it will be masterly hand-executed on looms of the finest thread in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Moreover, you are free to adjust the size and shape of your bespoke carpet entirely to your needs and liking. Such meticulous execution, combining the ancient craft with modern aesthetic thought, guarantees the rug's longevity, durability and uniqueness. It also ensures that the piece will serve you for many years without a slightest blemish. Moonlight River-based rug has a chance to imbue any modern interior with its intriguing, soothing and utterly elegant presence. It exudes a romantic vibe of a midnight walk with a beloved one by your side along a serene and quiet riverbank. If you want this alluring vision to enter your classy interior, hesitate no longer.