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Recherché Dynasty S12888

Recherché Dynasty (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12888

There are very few weaving pieces that can match the sheer beauty of this Recherché Dynasty sample. It is based on the project of renowned and widely sought-after Eskayel group who in their work practice proenviromantal policy and believe in the power of nature-inspired design. The energetic designers try to imitate all the wonders that are given to us by our Mother Earth. They are mesmerized by light flickering on the surface of ocean waters, the shadows casted by tropical plants or the formation of rocks and entire continents that have been slowly crafted by the wind and tectonic movements over billions of years. And it can be clearly seen in Eskayel's fantastic creations. All the wonders of nature are in constant motion, ever-changing and taking on new shapes so the Recherché Dynasty sample does not comprise of any figurative motifs. Instead, it builds upon colorful blots and smooth, curvilinear lines as well as perfectly balanced color palette. Here, vibrant, rich emerald harmonizes with deep plum while slate gray gracefully outlines the main pattern on the tranquil, beige background. Everything exudes an extremely positive and soothing vibe. Eskayel more that anyone knows how beneficial is the presence of nature in our interiors so they try to bring it closer to us. If you chose Recherché dynasty sample as the foundation for your custom rug, you may rest reassured that it will be thoroughly hand-executed on looms of the finest wool in accordance with old, traditional weaving techniques. Such making ensures that any bespoke carpet crafted by DLB is a non-disposable, durable and unique object which may serve its owners for generations. You may certainly adjust the size and shape of your custom piece entirely to your needs and liking. If you are still undecided about Recherché Dynasty, try to imagine how gracefully it will complement your interior and how much joy it will bring along. Trust in our expertise and Eskayel's sublime artistry.