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Swedish Design Modern Rug N11929

Price: $18,000

This incredible contemporary rug is truly a work of weaving art. Its face carries a simple yet absolutely enchanting and eye-soothing design of gently swaying waves. The elegant color palette of mixing blues, greens and grays perfectly complements the watery vision. Such a carpet will be perfect as part of a larger concept or even as a foundation for the entire décor.

As befits Scandinavian design, the modern rug not only looks beautiful but is also masterfully executed. Its durable body was carefully hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques. Provided minimum amount of care, the Swedish-inspired beauty will serve its owners many years without any signs of wear.

Custom and modern rugs by Doris Leslie Blau have absolutely no limits when it comes to their range of designs and methods of execution. Although based on reliable, centuries-old weaving techniques for quality, our new rugs are adjusted to present-day trends and contain a pinch of visionary approach. Browse our vast online inventory or visit one of our galleries to commune with the sheer magic of top-notch antique rugs and contemporary carpets. Your satisfaction is always our main objective.

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Item No.: N11929 Size: 11'4" × 14'10" (345 × 452 cm)
Color: Blue Style: Scandinavian