Modern Striped Beige and Brown Handwoven Wool Rug
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Modern Striped Beige and Brown Handwoven Wool Rug N10882 5'7" × 6'2" $7,000

Although made in the 21st century, this modern rug comprises all the finest features of the venerable weaving tradition, reaching back millennia. It is a flat weave – this means no pile but a lighter construction and a longer lifespan. The piece was carefully hand-woven of the finest wool by a skilled artisan. Durable and resilient, it is suited to serve in the most demanding, high-traffic areas of the house. Provided minimum amount of care, it will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

In addition to top-notch workmanship, the rug boasts a design that will add a great deal of charm to any kind of décor. The simple geometric pattern arranged into stripes of varying thickness is rendered in brown against the beige background. This composition is reminiscent of folk art known from Scandinavian rollakans. Undoubtedly pleasant to the eye and versatile in the best sense of the word, this modern rug will optically organize the space and fill it with the whimsical charm of vintage flat weaves that it was modeled on.


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Price: $7,000

Item No.: N10882 Size: 5'7" × 6'2" (170 × 187 cm)
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