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CONTEMPORARY FLAT WEAVE RUG N11863 6'6" × 6'10" $500

Elegance offered by contemporary rugs cannot be found anywhere else. Inspired by the newest trends in interior design and fashion, contemporary rugs are diverse enough to fit into any kind of house. In order to satisfy the needs of all rug aficionados, weavers and designers often experiment with their materials and dyes, which resulted in the sudden popularity of plant-based textiles and many different types of piles, such as flat weave rugs. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are immensely proud of our collection of contemporary rugs.  If you are searching for a perfect modern carpet, take a look at our website and indulge in a luxurious shopping experience offered by Doris Leslie Blau Gallery.

This stunning contemporary rug immediately draws the eye thanks to its all over pattern. A closer look reveals how much attention was put into even the smallest of details in the composition. Together small elements create an astonishing composition, which seems to have been inspired by classic designs one can find in traditional Scandinavian rugs. The color palette of this modern flat weave carpet is rather clam, as it contains rather cool shades of gray with a bit of black and darkish blue.

The size of this modern rug, 6’6″ × 6’10” (198 × 208 cm), makes it a great choice for even smaller interiors, although its beauty will certainly suit living rooms and dining rooms the most. Elegant and balanced, this contemporary flat weave rug is bound to make your interiors look even more special.


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Item No.: N11863 Size: 6'6" × 6'10" (198 × 208 cm)
Construction: Flat Weave