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CONTEMPORARY FLAT WEAVE RUG N11862 7'10" × 12'10" $9,000

There is no need to convince anyone of flat woven rugs‘ beauty. Not only original, but also durable, this particular type of floor covering enjoys an everlasting popularity amongst both collectors and everyday carpet aficionados. Comparing to some other types of floor coverings, contemporary flat woven rugs are a great choice for those who appreciate both practical and aesthetic solutions. Unique weave makes them a perfect fit for those who hate vacuuming or suffer from allergies since they do not absorb dust and dirt as easily as rugs with higher piles. Moreover, this structure makes flat weave rugs very light and easy to move from a place to place if necessary. Flat woven rugs often boast stunning designs, which could not be created using different weaving techniques.

This beautiful contemporary flat weave rug immediately catches attention with its simplistic elegance.  Those people who yearn for some minimalist charm are bound to fall in love with it! This entire composition was created due to experimenting with the rug’s color palette. Instead of clear borders and shapes we receive an array of cool hues, which together create one stunning composition. Different shades of gray, from steel to almost blue, work together in a perfect harmony, just as you could expect.

The size of this contemporary rug, 7’10” × 12’10” (239 × 391 cm), makes it a great fit for spacious interiors, such as living rooms or dining rooms. However, you can be sure that its natural charm and distinctive elegance will make any interior in your household look special.


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Price: $9,000

Item No.: N11862 Size: 7'10" × 12'10" (238 × 391 cm)
Construction: Flat Weave