Custom Designed

Why should you get a custom designed rug?

You are probably aware of the fact that choosing a perfect carpet is not a piece of cake. So many things to consider – from color to pattern. Of course you can browse through countless rugs available both online and in galleries, but why don’t commission custom rug from a professional designer? Not only will you get a piece of highest quality, but also signed with a name of a true artist – sounds like killing two birds with one stone!

Many people have doubts about buying a custom designed rugs. They think it might be riskier than for an example purchasing antique Persian carpet that might be not what they imagined. When commissioning a custom piece you can be sure that your designer of choice will do their best to present you with a perfect carpet. For people like Bunny Williams and many other designers, pleasing their client is the most important task.

Of course price might pose another problem for some. After all, if something was tailored just for you it must be expensive, right? There is no denying that custom designed rugs might be a considerable expense, but if you think about it, so is original antique carpet. Paying a bit more for such a rug is worth it in the long run.

Are custom designed rug of inferior quality compared to other pieces?

Of course not. There are opinions claiming that the only carpet you will receive from a designer is a artificial, machine-made piece of trash, but this couldn’t be further from truth. In order to satisfy their clients, majority of designers have a wide range of materials and styles available, including hand-woven carpets. You can find custom designed rugs made of all kinds of fibers – silk, wool, cotton or even plant fibers!