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This superb rug sample builds upon the play between night and day. It juxtaposes very dark and very light tones of the black-and-white scale and makes the most of them in a very modern and abstract design, which brings to mind the mysterious white noise. Such composition is not only vibrant but also elegant as the properly balanced shades will never go out of fashion. White noise, commonly used in the production of electronic music, electronics engineering, computing and acoustics, now entered the world of design and it takes it by storm. It may become a part of your dream custom rug which you can adjust in terms of size and shape entirely to your liking. All bespoke carpets executed by DLB are distinguished by the thorough hand-making of the finest materials according to old and refined techniques. We take what is best from the ancient weaving craft and combine it with most wonderful contemporary aesthetics. White Noise custom rug may be the perfect complement to your chic interior. Due to masterful execution it has a chance to last for many years providing your room with an intriguing stir.


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Item No.: S12901 Size: custom