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This elegant Winter Garden sample can be transformed into a custom rug of your dreams. Although its design draws largely from the Oriental flower and foliage motifs, it is more sparse, minimalistic and toned. There is great moderation both in the pattern density and the color palette, thanks to which the bespoke rug will perfectly fit into classy present day interiors that slowly move away from the aesthetic of excess. Moreover, the calm, delicate and bright colors of the field, including sandy, light and dusty beige, give this effortlessly elegant composition a timeless appeal. If you decide on this sublime sample, you may rest reassured that your custom carpet will last unblemished for many years as it will be masterly hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Winter Garden takes the ancient art of rug-making and traditional, meaningful motifs and adjusts them to the needs of the up-to-date world. You can freely customize your bespoke rug to give it your preferable size and shape. Let Winter Garden flourish in your home!


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