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This extremely appealing rug sample enchants with its vividness, perfection and unique texture. Blue Order is masterfully hand-executed of the finest cotton in the exceptional hooked technique by a skilled artisan. It results in a tremendous number of lovely cotton lumps covering the whole field and providing palpable sensation which may be experienced best by walking barefoot on its soft surface. The entire design builds upon simple geometric forms such as rhombuses and zigzags, all rendered in a deep sapphire shade which is beautifully exposed on an off-white background. A popular saying proclaims that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and in case of Blue Order rug sample it is true to the letter. If you choose it for the foundation of your bespoke carpet, you may rest reassured that it will be fully adjusted to your needs and liking in terms of size and shape. Due to exquisite and arduous process of making, your Blue Order-based custom rug will be one of a king and durable enough to serve you for many decades. Such a heartwarming piece will most definitely be a focal point of any room bringing in elegance and a touch of color.


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Item No.: S12837 Size: custom