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Traditional Oriental Inspired Tabriz Rug N11396

Price: $24,000

An heir to the ancient tradition of Middle East, this Tabriz proves that old methods sometimes are the best. The modern tile and carpet features a natural motif, popular among Persian rugs. On its surface luscious flowers grow towards the golden sun, basking in its warm light. Carpet’s frame was heavily decorated with vines, tangling and crossing on its whole length. The symmetry of the pattern was achieved thanks to great care and skill, characteristic for hand-woven goods. Dyes chosen by the weaver are rather subtle and elegant. With light pink being a dominating hue, other colors such as white, beige and brown can literally bloom, enhancing the composition even further.

Such an array of details is almost hypnotic, making one unable to turn away. Tabriz traditional area rugs are one of the most famous in the world and this one, although made in the 21st century, meets all the standards of the Middle-East craftsmanship. The finest wool is hand knotted, which ensures the quality of the pile as well as uniqueness of the design. The pattern of the field and borders consist of traditional Oriental flowery motifs, along with other figurative objects. Toned color palette, comprising of dusty pink, beige and sepia, is perfectly match with the design. The overall feel of this Tabriz inspired rug is that of elegance, luxury and chic. Let it enchant you with the Oriental vibe.

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Item No.: N11396 Size: 11'0" × 15'0" (335 × 457 cm)
Style: Bold, Botanic