Contemporary Sand Dunes in Blue Silk N11413 by DLB
Contemporary Sand Dunes in Blue Silk
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Contemporary Sand Dunes in Blue Silk N11413 20'0" × 20'7" $61,740

What a delectable piece! The oversized modern grey rug maintained in deep and distingue shades of indigo is an add that cannot remain unnoticed. An immence extent of color is coupled with extraordinary texture consisting of a fluffy pile-weave, pipe-laying in different directions. Our contemporary carpet is a true hand-made piece woven only with use of pleasurable silk. Although the pattern is homogeneous, it is not boring at all! The matted surface of the contemporary shag rug gleaming in the light creates a mirage of several different shades of blue, pleasing the eye. A room decorated with this very untypical item will delight with its coziness and outstanding look.

Modern oversized area rugs, also known as contemporary rugs originate from various early 20th-century weaving styles. The vintage Art Deco carpets of France, China or America are one of the paramount examples of early modernism in textile design.


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Price: $61,740

Item No.: N11413 Size: 20'0" × 20'7" (609 × 627 cm)
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