Solna Swedish Inspired Pile Rug
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Solna Swedish Inspired Pile Rug N11816

Price: $18,000

Inspired by traditional craft from the Solona Municipality, this astonishing swedish shag rug skillfully brings together past and future. Thanks to being hand knotted using high quality wool, the modern carpet tiles has wonderfully soft and durable pile, but what really draws the attention is its pattern. We can see numerous circles placed precariously on the main field and accompanied by a series of smaller ones. The frame surrounding it has a stripped design, giving the whole a little bit of vintage aura. Color palette, containing mainly navy blue, gray and different shades of beige, helps to bring out what’s best in the whole composition.

The biggest contribution should be definitely attributed to Märta Måås-Fjetterström – the mother of rugs, whose tremendous legacy is estimated at more than 700 original designs. Her creations have served as an inspiration to numbers of Swedish (but not only) artists, who followed in her footsteps. Today, we may please our eyes with the mesmerizing charm of Scandinavian aesthetics, which is present even in the most recent creations. What is so special about those carpets? The whole idea of minimal yet utterly tasteful and practical Scandinavian design was forged on the premise that anyone – not only rich and wealthy, but absolutely any citizen – should be able to afford a beautiful and livable interior. 

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Item No.: N11816 Size: 12'0" × 14'10" (365 × 452 cm)
Color: Blue, Orange Style: Bold, Scandinavian