GREEK KEY Geometric Carpet

GREEK KEY Geometric Carpet N11798

Price: $7,000

Contemporary rugs are amongst one of the most diverse types of woven goods. Passionate designers work day and night to bring us the most beautiful and revolutionary modern carpets ever seen. However, what some of them do not realize is the fact that sometimes a contemporary modern rug does not have to distance itself from the roots. This stunning new rug immediately charms thanks to its classic design, which no one will be able to forget about.

Knotted by hand with great care and dedication to the craft, this contemporary rug was made using high quality blend of wool and silk, which guaranteed not only its durability, but also delightful softness of the pile. Luxurious experience offered by this modern carpet cannot compare to anything you have ever seen. Featured Greek key patter is not only elegant, but also stunning. The designer of this contemporary rug knew what were they doing in order to assure your satisfaction. Color palette accompanying this piece is modest, but helps to bring out what is best in it. Creamy shades of beige with just a tiny bit of gray certainly draw the eye to this contemporary rug.

While the size of this contemporary rug might seem intimidating for some( 10’0″ × 14’0″ (305 × 427 cm)), those who look for a bit of elegance in their everyday lives will not be disappointed with it. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we do our best to ensure your satisfaction with all purchases made through our gallery or us.

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Item No.: N11798 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)
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