Contemporary Ecriture Black & Off-white Handmade Silk & Wool Rug
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Contemporary Ecriture Black & Off-white Handmade Silk & Wool Rug N11406 12'10" × 16'0" $20,000

This exceptional contemporary area rug may be described as ‘ecriture’, which is a French word for ‘writing’. The whole design is based on seemingly reckless pen strokes, which make up a well though-out, harmonious pattern. ‘Scribbles’ are alternately organized into square units, that are then organized into rows. Uncomplicated yet imaginative appearance is complemented by a classy color palette of just two hues – black and off-white.

The minimalism and simplicity in case of this modern carpet definitely pays off – although not entirely classic and typical, it exudes elegance and chic. What also draws attention is the fine pile, hand made of the best quality wool and silk. It is definitely an option for people who want something extraordinary to fill their living space. Extremely innovative in design, this contemporary ecriture modern pattern carpet playfully winks at anyone who is looking at it. Although predominantly black, the motif of seemingly careless scribbles radiates with a joyful feel.

Fountain pen strokes are organized in squares which form an allover, intriguing pattern. This custom carpet is remarkable because it successfully combines minimalism with boldness and seriousness with roguishness. Do not hesitate to adorn your interior with this one-of-a-kind modern rug. Such an element is all it takes to elevate a moderate interior to a whole new level of chic.


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Price: $20,000

Item No.: N11406 Size: 12'10" × 16'0" (391 × 487 cm)