Mirage Silk Flat weave Rug.
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Mirage Silk Flat weave Rug. N11768

Beauty of this stunning contemporary modern area rug lies not in pattern, but in simplicity. The carpet was handwoven using high quality silken fibers, which guaranteed not only its delightful softness, but also luxurious luster. While the piece itself appears to be devoid of any motifs, delicate fringe decorating its top and bottom part certainly helps to bring out the minimalist elegance resting within it. After all, flat weave rug ikea of such superior quality does not need to be heavily decorated to appear beautiful. Even the color palette, while containing only one shade of gray, appears refined and cool.

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Item No.: N11768 Size: 13'3" × 22'9" (403 × 693 cm)
Color: White Style: Solid Construction: Flat Weave