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Silk Rug with Geometric Design N10969 10'0" × 14'0" $13,000

This modern rug with a geometric design is a quintessence of style and quality. It was carefully knotted by hand of silk by an apt Tibetan artisan on classic looms. Such thorough execution ensured its durability and uniqueness. With minimum amount of care, the carpet will withstand many years of usage without the slightest signs of blemish.

The longevity of the contemporary rug goes hand in hand with the timelessness in terms of appearance. Its orderly main field features a uniform pattern of squares embraced by a smooth border with just four motifs of squares in the corners. The color palette of sandy beige, light brown and off-white is versatile, elegant and unobtrusive so it will seamlessly fit into a wide gamut of arrangements.

New, modern and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau are made with the intention to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We resort to centuries-old techniques of rug making, at the same time keeping our finger on the pulse of present trends and introducing all sorts of state-of-the-art novelties. Only by doing so may we be certain that our modern rugs meet exceptionally high standards set by traditional craft as well as contemporary decorating standards.


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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N10969 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)
Location: Chicago