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Contemporary Art Deco Design Taupe & Beige & Silk Rug N11084 11'10" × 16'3" $17,000

This modern rug, although presently made, richly draws from the lore of our ancestors both in terms of appearance and execution. It was inspired with the Art Deco design, a trend in art and architecture that has emerged at the dawn of the 20th-century and since then never ceased to fascinate the great creators of this world. The main field of the modern rug flaunts an all-over geometric pattern of overlapping circles and ellipses. Curvilinear and well-balanced, the composition pleases the eye with its gentle beauty. It is complemented by a toned and versatile color palette of taupe and beige with invigorating touches of sapphire. This Deco-design rug has a potential be become the ornament of a wide gamut of interior arrangements, from classic to contemporary.

New, modern and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau are made with the upmost care and precision, in accordance with centuries-old techniques. This contemporary rug is no different. It was carefully knotted by hand of wool and silk by a proficient artisan. The results are visible at first glance – its pile is soft and dense, while the structure is resilient and durable. If properly looked after, this carpet will serve its proprietors many years bearing no signs of wear.


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Price: $17,000

Item No.: N11084 Size: 11'10" × 16'3" (360 × 495 cm)
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Location: Chicago