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Contemporary Khaki and Beige Rug
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Contemporary Khaki and Beige Rug N11319 9'0" × 12'0" $13,000

It would be a challenge to indifferently pass by this electrifying design. Zigzag motifs go diagonally across the whole surface of the carper, giving the impression of constant movement thanks to little intentional irregularities. When admired from a distance, the zigzag’s borders seem to blur because they are created of numerous minute dashes. The pattern comes in two toned hues – light khaki and beige – which give balance to the whole vibrant composition. This remarkable carpet will undoubtedly enliven any space with its lively presence.

Glamorous. Mesmerizing. Timeless. Such indeed are geometric rugs. Nothing adds a greater finishing touch to an interior than a perfectly matched carpet. And what may be better than the versatility of figures, the abstraction of design and the order of symmetry? After all, they say that mathematics is the queen of the sciences, is it not? There is no way of resiting the charm of angular elegance exuded by this kind of interior ornaments. Their clean, clear, orderly esthetics will convince even the most demanding connoisseurs of decorating, leaving them in awe. Although we tend to associate geometric design with futurism, it may come as a surprise to many that this sort of mid century modern area rugs does not necessarily has to be placed in ultimately modern spaces.


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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N11319 Size: 9'0" × 12'0" (274 × 365 cm)
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