Fragment Moroccan Runner

Fragment Moroccan Runner N11495


This custom fragment Moroccan runner could have been lying at the entrance to the Alice’s Wonderland thanks to its magical design. The rug owes its charm to the off-white and black checked pattern covering the whole field. Both ends are elegantly trimmed with a thick white stripe outlined with slim black lines. Small imperfections of the pattern are intentional, typical to the Beni Ourain weaving technique. Nomadic tribes assume that nothing can be perfect except for the force majeure so they deliberately make designs which at a certain point go lax or comprise of inexact motifs. The runner’s exquisite hand-executed long pile enchants with shagginess and softness comparable to the White Rabbit’s fur. There is little chance that anyone will resist the glamour casted by this elegant composition but there is no need to worry. The only spell you and your guests will be under is that of elegance and chic.

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Item No.: N11495 Size: 1'9" × 11'10" (53 × 360 cm)