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Contemporary Sandy Beige Flat-Woven Wool Kilim Rug N11812 13'6" × 17'8" $22,000

Nowadays pattern is not everything, as proven by this elegant piece. Hand woven with great attention to even smallest of details, this modern pattern carpet looks deceptively simple. However, just a look at its pile reveals where is all of its charm is. The carpet boasts a fascinating texture, which could only be achieved by a true master of weaving. Thanks to the use of high quality wool it remains delightfully soft to touch, but also very durable. Color palette of this piece might be minimalistic, but don’t be fooled – it was picked deliberately to enhance rug’s natural beauty. Sandy beiges work together perfectly, giving us the most perfect composition possible.

Floral contemporary rugs have numerous faces, from traditional-inspired patterns through abstract forms to minimalistic and geometric designs. They constitute a fascinating bridge between the antiquity and contemporaneity, combining the ancient, centuries-old craft with up-to-date ideas and progressive aesthetic thought. The quality of modern rugs in New York City purchased through trusted dealers does not differ at all from the one of antique and vintage carpets. 


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Price: $22,000

Item No.: N11812 Size: 13'6" × 17'8" (411 × 538 cm)
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