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Alfonsina-Rustic Rug N10839 9'0" × 12'0" $13,000

While creating modern and custom rugs at DLB we try to respect tradition, at the same time looking towards the future. This contemporary rug combines the centuries-old techniques of carpet-making with a design that encompasses various artistic trends, from Art Deco to Scandinavian and rustic. The entire borderless field is covered in in a blurry geometric pattern. Its simplicity is complemented by a balanced color palette featuring beige, taupe, orange and carmine. Classy and versatile, this Alfonsina-Rustic rug will easily match any décor, bringing in the whimsical charm of folk craft.

However, the creative and elegant design is not the only forte of this contemporary wonder – there is also refined workmanship. The piece was carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool by a skilled artisan. Due to such execution, it is distinguished by durability and resilience. If properly maintained, the rug will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.


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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N10839 Size: 9'0" × 12'0" (274 × 365 cm)
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