Antique Turkish Oushak Runner (size adjusted) BB5623

Antique Turkish Oushak Runner (size adjusted) Description:

An antique Turkish Oushak rug in a muted abrashed brown color. Oushak antique rugs are renowned for their silky, luminous wool and a weaving pattern that employs traditional tribal techniques, namely the use of larger knots and an all-wool foundation. As these works are often considered some of the finest Oriental rugs, many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to the Oushak tradition. A runner carpet, this piece is part of traditional weaving of Turkish rugs specifically for narrow spaces, with weaving centers adapting their age old designs to suit this specific format. Antique carpet runners are often utilized as a complement or a contrast to adjacent rugs for sale, or as the transition linking two separate rooms.
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