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Antique Turkish Kilim

Antique Turkish Kilim BB5467

Price: $8,000

Antique kilim rugs are one of the best pieces to use when decorating. Their designs are not only beautiful, but also suit modern tastes exceptionally well. Turkish kilims are extremely colorful and rich in design. This is why we are constantly exploring new textures and pile lengths for almost all of our designs. Chosen with the utmost care, the custom artisan rugs are made to celebrate the beauty and integrity of the natural materials and are individually crafted to the highest standards. Doris Leslie Blau’s antique rug collection is constantly growing, so be sure to browse through it!

This mesmerizing Turkish kilim was hand woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1950. Despite its age, the rug has a surprisingly modern design, which is bound to fit into a wide range of different styles, from contemporary to classic. The allover patter was composed of hundreds of tiny triangles, which together create a series of diamonds. However, their lines seem to be slightly smudged, making them appear a bit unreal, as if they were hidden behind a fog. Color palette accompanying this antique Turkish kilim contains subdued shades of beige, mixed with a bit of deep brown to create a stylistic contrast between hues.

The size of this antique rug, 6’10” × 9’7″ (208 × 292 cm), makes it a great choice for spacious interiors, however its weave makes it also perfect for picnics or open air parties. If you are searching for a perfect antique carpet, take a look at our website and indulge in a luxurious shopping experience offered by Doris Leslie Blau Gallery.

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Item No.: BB5467 Circa: 1950 Size: 6'10" × 9'7" (208 × 292 cm)Categories: , , ,