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Vintage Spanish Rug BB6963

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During the Islamic occupation in the 11th century, Medieval Spain was the first European country to make knotted pile rugs. The vintage Spanish rug before your eyes combines the spirit of Oriental masterpieces with a hint of European aesthetics. Its oatmeal field is adorned with a delicate, even slightly faded allover pattern of carefully-drawn gold acanthus leaves and stylized palmettes. This palatial pattern is enclosed within a decorative border which completes the composition and emphasizes the glamorous character of the rug.

The soft and luminous pile of the vintage rug was masterfully hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with traditional oriental weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Thanks to such thorough making, this Spanish rug is distinguished by a remarkable quality that allowed it to survive until this day in perfect condition and is a guarantee of the carpet’s further durability. Such a marvelous object will be a perfect match to any classy interior arrangement. It has a chance to introduce the heat of Spanish sun, the mastery of the oriental weaving craft and the glamor of European elegance into your abode

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Item No.: BB6963 Circa: 1940 Size: 8'10" × 11'4" (269 × 345 cm)
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