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Antique Savonnerie Rug (size adjusted) BB6937 5'0" × 8'6" $8,000

Antique rugs are among very few pieces of decor boasting such diversity of their designs. No wonder that their popularity skyrocketed – what else can change an interior as successfully as a good quality European carpet? Among all available designs, Savonnerie rugs usually gather the most attention due to their natural beauty and skillfully applied patterns.

This stunning Savonnerie rug can charm even the most demanding collectors. Hand woven circa 1920, it is both an example of an excellent craftsmanship, but also superb taste. The design of this rug includes a beautiful floral composition, created of several different types of flowers. The color palette includes light, pastel shades contrasted with a deep black background.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau we take a great pride in what we do and nothing makes us happier than the knowledge that our hard work is appreciated by both our clients and countless interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest. Our collection of contemporary rugs is filled with countless treasures from all over the world. Our antique rugs and modern carpets can charm even the most demanding connoisseurs, so be sure to visit our website for more high quality rugs.


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Price: $8,000

Item No.: BB6937 Circa: 1920 Size: 5'0" × 8'6" (152 × 259 cm)
Color: Blue, Gold, Green, Pink Style: Origin: Europe, France