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Antique Kazak Rug

Antique Kazak Rug BB5790

This circa-1880 antique Kazak rug features an all-over design of geometric abstractions in beige, green and red against a field of sea green. Multiple borders containing floral patterns neatly contain the center design. The late 19th century antique carpet comes from the Turkic state known as the Kazak Khanate, surrounded by the mountains and valleys of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Due to the veritable cultural crossroads nature of the region, the rugs produced there are a unique amalgam of contributions from Armenian dyers and weavers, Azeri Turks, groups from the Northern Caucasus and minorities from the surrounding areas. Quintessential Kazak design features include Memling guls, geometrically stylized people and animals, symbolic motifs, dramatic medallions, crenelated fence borders and angular cloud-bands. Antique Kazak rugs are distinctive in the Caucasian tradition through the use of vivid colors and a rich assortment of intriguing symbols that appeal to both collectors and connoisseurs of modern design.

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Item No.: BB5790 Circa: 1880 Size: 3'5" × 5'3" (104 × 160 cm)Categories: , ,