This antique Indian rug is truly breathtaking. Not only is it a practical utilitarian object that has lasted unblemished for over a century but also an actual work of art. Its luminous pile seduces with softness and upmost quality which will please even the most demanding customers. When we immerse ourselves in its intricate design, we will be pampered with intertwining exotic flowers and foliage which are the reflection of magnificent, faraway Indian gardens. Those heart-stirring views of nature inspired skillful weavers to reproduce them thoroughly knot by knot on the looms in accordance with traditional techniques. Such a pattern, reminiscent of summer in full bloom, was the favorite of all Indian noblemen and kings, from the Great Mughal Akbar who established the carpet production in his realm. Calm walnut brown and sandy beige tones which prevail in the main field and borders are enlivened by the application of different shades of deep indigo. The colors beautifully correspond with the abundant design resulting in a properly balanced, timeless composition. This awe-inspiring Indian rug will bring glamor and glory to any interior. 

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Antique Indian Rug
Item No. BB6380
Circa: 1920

Price: $ 180,000
Size: 14'0" × 22'3" (427 × 678 cm)
Color palette:
Antique Indian Rug BB6380