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Vintage Deco Chinese Rug BB6237 6'0" × 9'0" $8,000

Vintage Deco Chinese Rug. A mid-20th century vintage Chinese Deco rug, Size: 9′ × 6′ Circa: 1950. This pile-woven wool carpet is a real treat for the connoisseurs of rarities. The influx of Chinese rugs to America after 1945 was scarce due to the destruction of the majority of weaving workshops during the war. The one before your eyes has made it across the ocean and now it may enrich any space with its highly-decorative presence. The color-palette is kept in greenish-grey subdued tones with slight touches of red and blue. The background is covered with ivy leaves symbolizing endurance and faithfulness, whereas the foreground is dominated by a quaint wreath of delicate flowers interspersed with a fanciful ribbon. The rectangular shape is finished with a dark-green line running on the edges, closing the carpet in its eclectic form and giving it a consistency . The rug constitutes a perfect whole, combining two seemingly mismatching patterns into an undeniable harmony.


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Price: $8,000

Item No.: BB6237 Circa: 1950 Size: 6'0" × 9'0" (182 × 274 cm)
Style: , Origin: China