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Antique Karabagh Carpet BB6621

Price: $20,000

Caucasian rugs’ main strength are whimsical patterns with floral references supported by sturdy and durable structure. This antique Karabagh carpet is a flagship example of the craft from the Caucasus. Despite its considerable age, the antique rug bears no signs of wear. It can be attributed to careful hand-making of supreme wool in a traditional technique. If properly maintained, it will serve its owners for generations while preserving its excellent condition.

The Karabagh rug bears a classic Caucasian design of a dense floral thicket against the dark brown background. The meandering motifs are rendered in sandy, dusty and light beige with invigorating carmine and rosewood supported by light brown and finished with delicate touches of blue. The main border repeats the main pattern while the secondary borders are overgrown with subtle flowering climbers.

Charming and universally beautiful, this antique rug will be an ideal match to a wide array of décors. Not only the colors and patterns but also its intriguing texture will be a stylish touch to any contemporary interior. Antique rugs, next to their practical and ornamental function, are permeated with soul and historical significance. This antique Karabagh carpet is no different.

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Item No.: BB6621 Circa: 1880 Size: 6'10" × 13'9" (208 × 419 cm)
Style: Abstract, Casual, Floral Origin: Karabagh Rugs