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Antique Indian Carpet

Antique Indian Carpet BB4560

Price: $120,000

What makes antique Indian rugs so special are not only their exquisite designs, but also fascinating history. The production of Indian rugs and carpets in any quantity dates back to the Mughal period of the late 1520’s. Beginning with the conquest of Northern India by Babur, weaving workshops developed around the imperial cities of Agra, Fathpur and Lahore. Akbar the Great ) and his successors sponsored and encouraged the weaving of splendid authentic Indian rugs often inspired by classic Persian rugs. Any type of interior can benefit from the presence of Indian rugs. Their vivacious colors and elegant design can transform an interior beyond recognition in the matter of seconds!

This fine antique Indian rug was woven in the early 20th century, circa 1920. It immediately draws attention with its stunning pattern, inspired by traditional Chinese carpets. An abrashed field with an unusual  design of three central cusped medallions containing dragons, each ringed by a floral and animal irregular cartouches within an enlarged cartouche border. The color palette of this Indian rug contains mostly shades of beige with a bit of sky blue, which help to bring a breath of fresh air to this composition.

The size of Indian rug, 13’9″ × 23’0″ (419 × 701 cm), makes it a perfect choice for spacious interios and venues. We would like to encourage you to browse through our exquisite collection of authentic antique rugs and see what other treasures we have in store for you!

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Item No.: BB4560 Circa: 1920 Size: 13'9" × 23'0" (419 × 701 cm)Categories: , ,