Antique Russian Karabagh runner BB0130

Antique Russian Karabagh runner Description:

Late 19th century South Caucasus antique Karabagh red carpet runner, the indigo field with large palmettes and geometric motifs within an abstract geometric border.

Karabagh is the name of a region in the Southern Caucasus where hand-knotted, pile Caucasian rugs have been produced since the eleventh century. Due to its location between the Black and Caspian Seas, as well as being bordered by Turkey and Iran, Karabagh has always been a melting pot of religions and cultures. This wonderful merger of various influences resulted in the birth of unique and enchanting antique carpets, widely desired by collectors and design aficionados alike. Although similar to other Caucasian rugs in their coarse weave and symmetric knots, the Karabagh rug tend to be considerably larger.

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